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Important notice

If you are looking to join or re-join the club, you must register first. You can no longer join from this site.

We are a friendly running club based in Leamington Spa. If you want to train for a marathon, compete in races, get a bit fitter, or just meet some new people then browse around a bit to check out all the details of what we do, how to find us and what you need to know about joining.

The club is for anyone who enjoys running. Take a look at our training sessions and events to see which ones are best for you.

If you are already running regularly then you will find plenty of runners in the club who will be able to help you push that bit further and faster.

Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate minors in the club. If you are under 18 and wish to train with a club, Leamington C&AC have an excellent youth section.